Published by Editrice Elzeviro, for the association Archeoclub d’Italia sede di Venezia Onlus.

Language: Italian | Pages: 258 | ISBN 978-88-88939-61-2 © Copyright 2015 – First edition September 2015

Katerina Konstantinidou is a Modern Greek History lecturer at Athens University. Her first book The contagious illness spreads. Plague outbreaks in the Ionian islands (17th-18th centuries) was published in 2007 by the Hellenic Institute of Venice. Her second book was published in 2012, Hospital institutions in Venetian Corfu (17th-18th centuries) by Eurasia.

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Gerolamo Fazzini, Archeoclub of Venice
Georgios Ploumidis, Hellenic Institute of Byzantine and Post-Bynzantine Studies of Venice
Anastasia Papadia-Lala, Athens University

Introduction by Katerina Konstantinidou
Foundation of the lazzaretti in the Venetian Levante
Administrative organisation of the lazzaretti
The seasonal lazzaretti
The structures of the permanent lazzaretti
Places of worship
The lazzaretti, the health offices and irregularities
During the plagues
The lazzaretti as places of charity

A – When the story begins
B – Rules are important
C – When the harvest begins
D – Structures
E – Health care and the lazzaretti
F – Are the rules always followed?
G – During plague outbreaks
H – The people involved